Mouthguards Melbourne

Why do you need a mouthguard in Melbourne?

With Australian research revealing one third of dental injuries are sports-related, mouth guards are an essential requirement for all Melbourne sportsmen. Mouthguards protect the teeth and oral cavity by providing a thick cushioning that takes the force of sporting impact. Not only do mouth guards prevent chipping, breakage and loss of teeth, but they can also decrease the severity and probability of head, neck and oral cavity injuries. The mouth guard achieves this by preventing the lower jaw from being jammed into the lower jaw. In doing so, sportsmen are no longer at risk of serious injuries including jaw fractures, neck injuries, unconsciousness, cerebral haemorrhages and concussion.

Our custom-fit mouthguards Melbourne

To ensure your teeth are adequately protected at your next sporting match, choose our professional mouthguards Melbourne services. It is proven that mouthguards manufactured by professional prosthetists reduce injuries to the teeth and temporomandibular joints. Therefore, it is important to avoid cheaper ‘DIY’ alternatives and go with professionals.

At the Denture Care Centre, our qualified dental prosthetists take a dental impression of your teeth. The impression is then poured and the mouth guard constructed in our dental laboratory on site. Upon receiving the finished mouth guard, we arrange an appointment to ensure the mouth guard comfortably fits on your teeth. Our professional prosthetists take great care to ensure the mouth guard is fitted perfectly to ensure optimum protection.

mouthguards Melbourne
Mouthguards Service in Melbourne

Mobile service

We offer a mobile service to ensure we reach the wider community. Our prosthetists visit schools and sporting clubs, to educate children on the importance of protecting their teeth. On site, we take impressions of teeth and then send them off to the laboratory. Once the mouth guards are manufactured, we then do a follow up visit to fit them. Children will be pleased to know there are a wide variety of colours to choose from including favourite professional sporting club colours.

For further information about our mouthguards service in Melbourne, phone the Denture Care Centre on 1300 508 553.